26th February 2021
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Rare diseases and connecting the three Ps: patients, physicians and pharma

By Jayne Carey-George 28th February 2021 is Rare Disease Day®, an important milestone in Sciterion’s calendar, when we take the time to celebrate and raise awareness of the patients, families and carers affected by rare diseases. Let’s take a minute to imagine experiencing tremendous pain every time you walk a […]
19th October 2015

Sciterion wins 2015 Communique Award for excellence in meetings

Medical meetings on a global or even European stage raise complex challenges at the best of times. When the objective of the meetings is to raise awareness of and encourage collaboration in a little-known condition across multiple countries with very different clinical approaches, the challenge is even more daunting. Finally, […]
19th October 2015

Medical Affairs key to rapid medicines adoption

Due to rigorous regulatory demands and the need for many years of safety and efficacy research, most medicines only have commercial patent protected lifespans of 10-12 years. This means that the speed of medicines adoption, following regulatory approval, is vitally important to pharmaceutical companies. While there are many factors that […]